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Many thanks to everyone who has attended pas courses, lectures, and events. Future courses and events will be listed here.


Past Courses

Winter 2016/2017 Schedule

Energy Efficient Home Building

You don’t have to build a tiny house to have tiny utility bills, and you don’t have to be rich to afford an energy-efficient home. This two-day course provides an excellent overview of what you need to know to build an energy-efficient home, from upgrades costing only a few hundred dollars, up to a Net-Zero home.

Course Presentations

Course Description

Small homes are in growing demand among people looking for less maintenance, homes that fit their budgets, or simply want to make a lower impact on the environment. New this year will be a discussion on small homes (about 1,000 square feet) and how they live bigger than they are.

DAY 1 – The first day focuses on design, space planning, and the building science that make a home efficient.

DAY 2 – The second day focuses on building techniques, materials, performance testing, and how to manage lender appraisals. See and feel samples of alternative high-performance materials and get a feel for how they work.