Prairie Style

Fond of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style, the owners wanted a home with a design that blended in with the gently rolling countryside, with enough space for occasional visits from family and one that they could count on to have low utility bills during retirement. The living room, the gathering place of the house, is bordered by a curved, limestone-faced wall.

Framed with 2×6 walls filled with open-cell urethane foam and covered with continuous foam sheathing, the attic is insulated to R-56 with foam. 50-year, heat reflective shingles reduce cooling costs, keep the roof cooler and contribute to the roof’s durability.

A central ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) system, coupled with the geothermal HVAC, keep the air fresh and contribute to the 4,292 conditioned square-foot home’s estimated heating and cooling costs of under $300 a year AND keeps 15 tons of CO2 out of the air.

The 5-star-plus HERS (Home Energy Rating System) index is 41. (For comparison, a home built just to the current energy code would have an index of 100, meaning that this home consumes only 41% of the energy of a “code-built” new home. To achieve a 5-star-plus rating, the HERS index must be 70 or less.

Front of home at dusk.


The patio in the back is a wonderful place for conversation.


Back Yard


Curved wall with limestone façade in the Living Room.


Custom designed stairway.


Kitchen with an eat-in bar and the dining area.


Master Bedroom.