DPO Construction provides fee-based services in:

  • General contracting
  • Consulting
  • Home performance testing
  • Education


  • Design and bidding. I assemble a design team of the owner, a designer, often an interior designer and myself. I have worked with and can recommend several designers, from draftspersons to architects, to work directly with the owner. I make the design phase more efficient by keeping the project within the owners’ budget, contributing my experience in technical design and pricing, and avoiding time-consuming and expensive rebidding. When the plans are final I develop a list of costs for the design.
  • Construction. As a general contractor, I assemble a team of sub-contractors and manage  the construction or renovation of your home. Every new home is “commissioned” — receiving a comprehensive performance test by an independent auditor, so that you are assured that all the energy related systems of your home are performing as expected.


  • I’m available for consultation on home performance problems, such as moisture, durability, indoor air quality, lack of comfort and excessive energy bills.


  • I rely on an independent firm to diagnose and quantify home performance issues. This thorough testing examines the building envelope – walls, roof, floor, windows and doors, and pinpoints air leaks and lack of insulation with thermal imaging. Testing also includes the heating and cooling systems and airflow in all of the ductwork. I can arrange for and coordinate the work to remedy the problems identified.


  • I am delighted to speak to groups of interested homeowners and industry professionals on most aspects of energy efficient and environmentally friendly home building. I chair IAEE, the Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency and am a board member of IRENEW, the Iowa Renewable Energy Association, and past board member of EEBA, the Energy and Environmental Building Association.